Starting an E-Commerce Craft Business in 2012

Well, I have to say that I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I didn’t really expect it to be this hard either. I ran out of my start-up money very quick and my plan to use E-bay as a gateway to funnel customers to my website has not worked yet and I’m losing money once you consider the cut that E-bay is taking with their insertion fees and final value fees. Then you have Pay-pal taking their cut too. Yeah, I probably could make money on E-bay, but not at the prices that I want to offer my products at.  All the more reason I want customers to find my website. Once they find my site they will see all the products I have and get charged a low shipping rate instead of buying from multiple different people on e-bay too. I didn’t realize how many online craft retailers their already were out there until I started one. Alot of competition means low rankings on search engines for my tiny little start-up.

It is sad to realize that money really does control a lot. The only way, it seems, anyone will find my website is if I spend massive amounts of money on advertising. I truly hope I am wrong.

I’m still excited and I am not going to let it get me down. After all, some day, when people find my website, I will be selling products that I love to good people that get to buy them at low-low prices. I’ll get the chance to prove myself by giving great customer service on top of it and they’ll get to watch my store grow, knowing that they were part of that growth. Some day….Some day.

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