G45 Products are here!

I’m so excited to announce that I have successfully listed all of the Graphic 45 items that I have in stock now on my online store, http://shop.intoxicatingarts.com . yay! Please go check it out. I have some of the best prices you will find (if not THE best). Something I want to mention that bugs me a little bit about my website (which I can hopefull fix) is if you just click on the manufacturer (for instance if you click on the tab that says “Graphic 45”) it will pop up and say that there were no items found. You actually have to click on that little “+” sign that you see off to the side. That makes a menu expand and you can then click on the category under that vendor that you want to see. If you truly want to see all of the items that I have by that manufacturer without having to look for something in particular, that’s totally fine! Just go to the top of the page and type that manufacturer in the “search” box. That will pull up all of the products that I have available by that vendor. Keep in mind that I only have Tim Holtz, Spellbinders, and Graphic 45 products so far!

One last little thing! If there are some Graphic 45 products that you are DIEING to have at a great price, please tell me in the comments below or e-mail me at intoxicatingarts@gmail.com . I would love to hear what you want since I plan to place another order with them before the end of April . Thank you so much and happy paper crafting 🙂


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