Simple Organza Flowers

I made my first Organza flower today and it was surprisingly quick and easy. I got this idea from someone’s video I saw on YouTube where they made their own fabric flowers. I started searching around and eventually ran into a video called ” simple Organza flowers ” . I watched the video and once I saw how easy it really was, I knew I had to make some. I didn’t know where to get organza so I ended up buying some of eBay which came in this weekend .

The supplies I used :
* organza
* scissors ( ended up switching to x-acto )
* needle
* thread
* circle template ( you can also freehand, doesn’t have to be perfect )
* sharpie or paint pen ( to trace circle onto organza )


I happened to have a circle I cut out of grungepaper lying around, so I just used that one. I traced this five times onto the organza . I used white so I could see it better . I planned on cutting inside the circle so I knew I would be cutting the white away . Each circle represents one petal.


I quickly cut them into squares to make it easier to cut the circles .At first I was folding them in half and cutting them with scissors . When I cut this way, I didn’t feel like I had as much control while cutting as I wanted.


That’s why I switched over to an x-acto . I felt like the blade easily glided through and I felt like I had more control. That was just my preference though . You might want to try both to see what fits you best.


After you have threaded your needle, Take your first circle and fold in half. Then fold in half again. You should have a triangle now.


Take your needle and thread through the curved part of the triangle. There’s no specific length between stitches. It just depends on your personal preference .


Bring the petal to the end of the thread .


Pull it tight and it will bunch at the bottom . Fold your next circle and start threading it to add next to the first .


Repeat this until you have all five petals done.


At the end, bunch them all together and tie the last petal to the first one.


I added a small resin charm I had to the center to hide the middle hole .

See how quick and simple that was ?! They are so cute and look professionally made too. I never sew and these were incredibly easy to do.

I hope you give these flowers a try. In the video I found on YouTube called ” simple Organza flowers ” , she also shows how to do these using squares for a different look and she made one using satin!

Happy Easter everyone !

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