Military Themed Father’s Day Card

My Dad has always been fascinated with Military stuff. You name it and he probably likes it. Tanks, Planes, Ships, Submarines, Helicopters, Machine Guns, Anti-Tank Gunners, Missiles, etc. He has never served but he has always shown an interest in all things Military. I remember him taking my sister and I to these military museums when we were little. I got to see helicopters, crawl around in tanks and move the turret, and I even saw (and heard and FELT) them fire up one of those old silver colored war planes out at Falcon Field in Arizona. I capitalize “felt” because the strong winds of the propellers chucked sand and rocks and it hurt!

Every time Father’s Day has come around in the past I have rummaged through the card aisle in the grocery store hoping and wishing I could find a cool Father’s Day card that didn’t have something to do with Fishing, Hunting, Ducks, or Sailboats. I would always end up picking the sailboat cards since that was something he likes as well. I was never excited to give him his card and it never really bothered me that much since I felt I did the best I could. I’m so happy that I got into card making, so this year I get to give him a card that he will think is cool! My dad is one-of-a-kind and that is the type of card he deserves!

Now, before you look at this card, remember I am new to all of this crafty wonderfullness. I also decided to play around with some mediums I have never tried before. I think if I had more military themed items I could have done this card a little better, but I think it’s pretty cool considering what I had to work with!

Here it is:

Can you guess which side is my Dad’s team?! LOL. The brown army men are surrendering! I had a lot of fun making this and learning new techniques along the way. For instance, I used “modeling paste” to make the mountains. I just put my finger in the jar and used a quick patting motion to put it on my chipboard that was prepped with white acrylic paint. After drying it with a heat tool, I went over it using a cosmetic sponge and some “Tea Dye Distress Ink”. I let that dry and then went over that using some “Spanish Copper Rub n’ Buff” using my finger. After I was done with the mountains I used a sponge with “Forest Moss Distress Ink” and filled in where the grass should be. I hadn’t realized until then that I did not cover all of the mountain terrain with the Tea Dye ink. I noticed because the parts that I missed were now a lighter green color. That is just how the Forest Moss reacted with the modeling paste. I figure that was a technique that I unintentionally learned! Luckily, the effect that happened is something I can live with and I think it gives it even more character 🙂

I will be posting a video about this card either later today or tomorrow. I talk about how I made the stream and the rest of the card. F.Y.I. – The army men you see here were from the Dollar Tree and they came in a big pack. I just carefully nipped off the platforms under their feet using my Tonic Studios scissors (LOVE those scissors by the way!).

I hope you like this card and it gives you an idea of what type of card you might want to make for your Dad. I know if I had used a paper pad or done something more traditional it may have looked a little better, but my only focus on this card is to have my Dad open it, smile, and say “Cool!”.

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“Just Thinking of You” Card with Photo Pocket

Hi Everyone!

I have to make this quick, but I wanted to give a quick update about what I have been up to lately. I finally made a Facebook page for Intoxicating Arts,  . Also, just in case you want to see the videos I have recently uploaded, here is the link to my Channel, . The videos I have uploaded recently show everything I would tell you here. I have been playing around with my Slice Machine lately . I used it to cut out a couple things I will be using on my nephews “Lucky #7” birthday card I will be making. I also show this card that I am posting pictures of below. I made a dimensional envelope for the card too. I will come back and show pictures of the birthday card once it is done and I will also show you a Father’s Day card that I plan on making.  Also, I now carry some of The Paper Loft’s papers! Wahoo! Click here to see them in my store 🙂

Here are the pics. If you want to know how I did something, please just ask!

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Mother’s Day Card Pictures

Since Mother’s Day has passed, I am not going to get into all the details about these cards. I am just posting the pics to maybe give you some ideas. These cards can be used for other occasions by simply … Continue reading

Donna Salazar Giveaway- Check it out!

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Go check out for Natasha Naranjo Aguirre’s awesome giveaway! All you need to do is share her giveaway on Facebook or your blog and link up at the bottom so she knows who you are. She is giving away some pretty cool stuff. Go check it out!

Also, I will be posting some pics of cards I have made lately very soon!

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Washi Tape Purchasing Secret- Do the Math!

I have to admit that I have fallen prey to the Washi Tape sensation. I don’t normally like following trends, but this stuff is so awesome.  It actually allows tape to be pretty!

I have bought Washi Tape from a couple different sources lately and I want to share with you my findings. If you have not used washi tape before, it is decorative tape that is a paper type of tape which rips off the roll easily. It is not very sticky and can be repositioned easily. Washi Tape originated in Japan and has become a craze in the United States recently. I want to say (but may be wrong) that “smash books” might have had something to do with it. Smash books are supposed to be a way that someone can scrapbook without worrying about everything looking perfect or artsy. You are essentially supposed to “smash” your memories in to the pages nonchalantly. I have yet to do a smash book, but it is one of those things that I am oddly drawn to.

The secret to making sure you are getting a good deal when purchasing Washi Tape is very simple, do the math. I wish I had taken my own advice in the first place. Sometimes I get so excited and want to buy something that I don’t listen to the other part of my brain which is the reasonable half. You will see what I mean below.

Here is a little chart of the Washi Tapes that I have purchased:

Type Where to Buy Price Yards Feet Price/ Yard
Lace Washi WishyWashiTape



  49′ 2.55″


Drew’s Washi w/o disc DiscountCharms



  32′ 9.7″


Drew’s Washi W/ disc DiscountCharms



  32′ 9.7″


Cavallini & Co. Amazon





American Crafts Dear Lizzy Amazon





K & Co Smash Amazon





*Discount Charms and WishyWashiTape are both Etsy shops

Starting from the top here are my thoughts:

1. The Lace Washi that I purchased from WishyWashiTape was a good deal. They have a good selection on their Etsy Shop too. However, their prices vary per roll, so you would need to do the math on each to make sure you’re getting a good deal on all of them.

2 & 3. Drew’s Washi Tape. I found Drew through his youtube channel “cardofmyeye”. He recently put out a video showing that his Etsy shop, Discount Charms, would be carrying Washi Tape now. When I saw one with clocks and another with newspaper ads, I immediately bought them without even thinking about pricing. He has a discount code right now, 10percentoff25, which gives you 10% off purchases over $25. That is why I show pricing both ways on the chart. He has a good selection and consistent pricing so you don’t need to worry about doing the math on each roll. He also has cheap shipping !

4. Cavallini & Co Washi Tape is beautiful. The set that I got is called “Flora & Fauna”. It included 5 rolls with 16 yards per roll. This tape is a great deal. You have to spend more money upfront though and you have to buy in packs which are all the same theme. They come in a very nice tin too.

5. American Crafts Dear Lizzy Enchanted. I jumped on these right away because I loved the designs that came in this 3 roll pack. Unfortunately, I got ripped off. At $0.46 per foot this tape is not a deal at all. You get 18 yards TOTAL, not per roll. I will be using these sparingly since I don’t plan on buying them again.

6. K & Co. Smash Tape Black & White Polka Dots. This “Washi” tape is actually called Smash Tape, but it shares the same properties as the other Washi Tapes I have. This is the best deal but they only offer this one design. I wish they would make more because this is a great price!

Hopefully I have helped you understand the world of Washi a little better. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Cutting Vinyl with the Eclips Machine

Hey everyone!

I just finished putting a video together to show you how to cut adhesive backed vinyl using your Eclips machine and ECAL Software.
Here is the link to the video,

In case you don’t have time to watch a video and you are just curious what settings will work, here they are:

Blade on the actual Machine: 2
Pressure on ECAL Software: 1
Speed: 4

It worked like a dream!

I’ve been slightly more active on youtube lately since I find that I enjoy putting together videos. However, I know how important blogs are so I will try to pay more attention to the blog too.

The “Intoxicating Deal” on my website right now is for Perfect Pearls Perfect Black Medium. It’s for a limited time only and I have a very limited quantity!–perfect-medium-black-pad

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