Finally, Custom Laser Cuts!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to share something really quick with you. I am now offering Custom Laser Cuts on E-Bay. I will be adding it to my site when I have a second also. Here is the link, . Basically, you pick a font and I will cut whatever words you want! This particular listing is for 1-1/2″ tall letters, but I will probably be adding other options in the future.


The picture above shows the fonts that I am currently offering.

Below, I have added the same instructions I have on the listing. Just in case you are curious how it works. Pricing is in the listing and depends on the number of letters.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose your font. Fonts with no stars are “regular fonts” with individual letters that require placement of each letter on your project. These are good if you want to make wavy font or spell something vertically. Fonts with one star are “welded” fonts and all letters are stuck together making it easy to place on your project. These require extra design time so they cost a little more. Fonts with 2 starts are “premium” fonts which include etching and cost a little more due to extra design and cutting time.
  2. Decide on your cut and count the letters. Write down your word or phrase and count the letters. You can have up to 3 punctuations, ordinal numbers, or numbers at no additional cost. (For instance, “Lizzy’s 1st Birthday!” would only count as 14 letters since we don’t count the apostrophe, the ordinal number “1st” or the exclamation point. If there were any additional punctuation, they would need to be counted since that would make the total go over 3. )
  3.   Select the correct drop down menus. Using the same example, if I wanted to get Lizzy’s 1st Birthday cut in the number 5 font, I would select “5” from the drop down menu, then I would select “12-18” for the number of letters.
  4. Click to order. In the note to seller section write what you want cut EXACTLY how you want it cut. Please make sure all spellings are correct since I will cut exactly what is sent. Make sure to capitalize anything you want capitalized. (The number 2 font does not recognize capitals) DO NOT put quotations around your words unless you want those to count as 2 of your 3 free punctuations. DO NOT write anything else other than what you want cut. If you want to say anything else, please send it in a separate message. I have to do this to make sure I send you exactly what you want. P.S. if you are ordering the word “Thanks!” I may message you to confirm that is in fact what you wanted. If you want the same word multiple times, then increase the quantity to accommodate that many letters. For instance, if I wanted my example of “Lizzy’s 1st Birthday!” Multiple times, I would have selected 26-34 as the number of letters. I would write Lizzy’s 1st Birthday in the message to seller then in a separate message I would explain that I want two of that same saying.

    I tried to make this as easy and clear as possible which is hard when dealing with custom designs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to help you!

    If you have a different custom job that you want done, please message me. I can cut up to a 12″ x 12″ piece.

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