Desert Stream Encaustic Wax Painting


Here’s the first one I did using my iron. I obviously need to buy some actual encaustic wax since the ones I made myself were too sheer for the techniques I wanted to try. I still think it came out pretty cool!

2 comments on “Desert Stream Encaustic Wax Painting

  1. Hi beautiful!!! Decided to see what’s new with the creative Jackolantern…I miss you soooo much! It has been months since we saw each other! Love the new things your making and supplying! Hopefully we see each other sooner than later! Love you bestie!

    • Hello Gorgeous! Thank you for checking in on my ventures 🙂 . I’m definitely focused on growing Intoxicating Arts (maybe even obsessed!) Ever since we got a laser in the shop I never want to stop cutting things on it haha. I’ll see you tomorrow, wahoo!!! Love you too bestieest . < that means best bestie, just made it up 😉

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