How Intoxicating Arts Got Started:

I started Scrapbooking back when I was about 12 and I have had a love for crafts since I was little.I stopped scrapbooking for a few years but I  had the inspiration to start paper crafting again in 2010 ( I was 23 at the time). I still haven’t “scrapbooked” recently, but now I have developed a love for making cards and other paper crafts. When I started crafting again I noticed how quickly the industry had changed in just a few years and that got me very excited! I can get bored of doing the same techniques over and over. All of the new techniques I could learn by watching YouTube got me more excited than ever about crafting. I made Halloween and Christmas cards and I would just get completely immersed and before I knew it, hours had passed by and it felt like minutes. I knew then that I would keep crafting for a while. I went on a spending frenzy and I overtook our dining table for a crafting space! I eventually had so many supplies that we decided to turn a room in the house into a craft room.  I quickly started learning as much as I could about all of the new products. I would buy products and then realize that certain brands just weren’t what I expected and other brands went beyond my expectations.

That’s when I decided it would be awesome to have a company that only sells “the good stuff”. So, Intoxicating Arts was born! I named the company this because I get a euphoric and intoxicating feeling when I get immersed in a project or I start a new project. I also love when someone looks at a piece of art and the only way they can describe it is as “intoxicating”.

Intoxicating Arts was established November 2011 and we’ve been growing every year. My awesome Fiance helps with the day-to-day operations and now he knows more than he’d probably like to know about craft supplies (haha!). We sincerely appreciate you putting your trust in us that we will only sell the best supplies and at the most competitive prices.

“Whatever it is that you are looking for, it’s out there, YOU just haven’t made it yet!”

-Jackie Lage


Intoxicating Arts

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  1. I love your website and I will be sure to buy your products because they are perfect for the frequent crafter like myself! Thanks Jackie!

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