12 Tags of 2015- July Tag

I managed to do two tags in a row. Wahoo! Below is my tag for July.


As always, I was missing many of the items necessary to duplicate Tim’s tag. I always try to make do with what I already have in my craft room because most of the time I can substitute items and even techniques. I made a video of the making of this tag. It just needs to be edited and I will add it to this post when that is done. I really enjoy doing these tags! Here’s a link to Tim’s tag and the tutorial : http://timholtz.com/12-tags-of-2015-july/ 

Here’s a few things that I did differently because I was missing supplies:

1. I used a different stamp set that had mini blue prints in it. Since I didn’t have the USA blueprint I decided to stamp it with some letters from one of my Tim Holtz stamp sets and add my own blueprint looking lines and arrows.

2. While I do sell the Distress Microglaze, I try not to take items that I have limited inventory on out of stock. (Which I am glad I didn’t because I am down to one as of this morning!) I had some wax laying around because I’ve been meaning to get in to encaustic wax painting. I had made my own encaustic wax using Damar Resin and Beeswax. I grabbed a chunk of wax and rubbed it over my stamped and colored images. I proceeded to watercolor over it hoping the wax layer would be sufficient. Apparently, it was too sufficient because I had rubbed all around the image and I ended up with more white background than colored background. At least now I know that is an option!  I didn’t have much control over where the wax would be placed when I was rubbing with that solid block. I think that’s a good reason to get the Distress Microglaze as you will get more control with your placement. The microglaze is paste-like and you only need a tiny bit to cover and protect a space from water methods.

3. I do not own a sewing machine. I considered buying a small one for the craft room, but I am really trying to limit myself of larger tools that take up space. So, I just did faux stitching with a pen.

4. My embellishments are different. The number 4 is a grungeboard piece that I painted with a metallic distress paint. The little star is one that I had laying around, and I didn’t have any good charms to add to the top. I really wish I did because it looks a little empty up there.

5. For the spritzing, I had to make my own black marker. I applied some Black Soot ink onto an acrylic block and picked it up with my water brush. The water brush I have will not fit in the spritzer, so I had to hold it carefully and spritz. It ended up working well enough.

6. The crinkle ribbon technique had to be done differently too. I used some seam binding and ran the piece through an ink pad. It laid down the color just fine and it looks about the same in the end. I did have less control over the placement of the color though. If I had the Distress Markers, I would of had a more defined white space in the middle.

So, there’s the differences and how I overcome not having all of the supplies. I hope that might help some of you who are lacking supplies. Just try to think of another way to get it done with what you have. Thank you for stopping by!

P.S. One product I can not substitute is Distress Ink! If you need some, we have it in stock and at a great price!  JUST CLICK HERE!

12 Tags of 2015 – June Tag

Here’s my Tag for June of 2015. I don’t own the die set he used , so I cut my own. There were a few other items I was missing,  but I think it came out cute!




Supplies Used that we currently have in stock:

Tim Holtz Layering Tag Stencil – Stripes $4.79

Distress Ink Mowed Lawn and Salty Ocean. Available in Mini Distress Ink Kit #2 along with Fired Brick and Seedless Preserves for the incredible low price of $5.59 (That’s nearly 50% off!).

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Here’s the Youtube video tutorial of making this tag :

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you take part in the Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2015 because it’s so much fun!

12 Tags of 2015 – March Tag

I try to do the Tim Holtz 12 Tags whenever I have a chance. It is a once a month art challenge that I wish I could make time for every month. To see the tag that Tim Holtz made, click here. Of course, most of the time I do not have all of the products that he has and sometimes I don’t really want my tag to look exactly like his. I was missing quite a few of the necessary products, so I improvised.  I like how my tag came out though!


If you want to see how I made this tag, then stick around for the rest of the blog post!

Step 1: Tim used tissue tape, but I didn’t have any. I did have some of the tissue that he offers though. I figured I could just use some multi medium to adhere my tissue. WRONG! This created a barrier so my distress inks would not have a porous surface to soak into. You’ll see what happened later on.


Step 2: Tim scribbled various distress inks onto his craft mat, spritzed water and dragged the tag through. I did the same thing, but I used a mixture of distress and adirondack paints. It would have worked ok, but again, that multi medium messed it up and the paint only stuck in a few areas.


Step 3: In this step Tim stamps a big Butterfly in archival ink and then embosses it with clear embossing powder. He laster masks this image and stencils on top of it. I was crafting away from home and had limited supplies. However, I did bring some Art Acetate from Stamp On It with me and I had a butterfly image. I was crafting with my Mom and we wanted to try the glitter technique with the Art Acetate sheets, so I incorporated that into my tag and made it dimensional by bending the wings up. I didn’t add my butterfly until the very end and I used a little bit of Glossy Accents on the body to adhere it. 20150314_231532-crop

Step 4: This is where my tag starts to differ quite a bit. I wanted to do some background stenciling like he did, but not quite yet. Instead I decided to stencil a flower on my tag. I used Luster Mica Powder in Galactic Blue and Hawaiian Orchid. I used a palette knife to lay on some Modeling Paste and then sprinkled the Luster Mica Powders on top while it was still wet. I just tapped off the excess and funneled it back into my jar. Then I spritzed it with water and dried it with my heat tool. You can just set this aside to dry if you don’t want the bubbling that happens when you heat dry modeling paste.

20150314_18414420150314_183910 20150314_184948 20150314_185135 20150314_185307 20150314_185327 20150314_185633

Step 5: Now I wanted to do my background stenciling. I used Tim Holtz Harlequin Layering Tag Stencil with 3 different distress inks. At first, it looked gorgeous, then I realized the distress inks were just going to wipe off the areas where the multi medium was. So, after adding some crinkled seam binding that I colored with the same inks and a Tim Holtz metal embellisment that I found at a scrapbook expo (that I can only guess is a blast from the past, because I’ve never seen it!), I ended up mixing some of the Galactic Blue Luster Mica Powder with the multi Medium and scraped that through the stencil with a palette knife. Multi Medium WILL adhere to Multi Medium, so this finally worked! I also used a sponge dauber to ink the edges of the tag with Salty Ocean Distress ink.

20150314_190707 20150314_191356 20150314_193104 20150314_194402 20150314_200924

Step 6: I added a Tim Holtz Metal Arrow to cover up the harsh line that I created when applying the Luster Mica Powder/ Multi Medium mix through the harlequin stencil. I also adhered the butterfly at this point.


Step 7: The tag still needed a little something, so I grabbed some of my arrow stamps from one of my Tim Holtz sets and stamped them in Archival Ink. Now the tag is done!

20150314_231521 20150314_231532

I hope you enjoyed my blog post and thank you so much for stopping by!

Simple Valentine’s Tags

These tags were super easy to make and relatively quick.

Materials & Tools Used:

•Two halves of 8-1/2″ x 11″ cardstock papers by Recollections. One in black with white polka-dots and the other in light pink.
•Tim Holtz Tiny Tabs & Tags Sizzix Alterations Die (3-1/4″ x 1-5/8″ Tag)
•Spellbinders Lacey Ovals Die. (3rd Smallest/Largest Oval Used)
•Paper Piercer (to poke out hanging pieces on the lacey part)
•Black Archival Ink by Ranger
•Various Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous and Inkadinkado Stamps from multiple different sets.

To get started I first measured out how I should cut the paper to maxmize how many tags I could get out of it. One 8-1/2″ x 11″ piece of cardstock produced a total of 12 tags. I made sure to cut out the pieces of paper large enough so I could have enough clearance when cutting with the dies that I would have a 100% success rate. I can not stand it when I’m trying to maximize paper and end up scrapping some out in the process. I cut the paper every 3-1/2″ on the 8-1/2″ side and every 2″ on the 11″ side. Yes, I know those numbers do not add up and you will end up with some unused small strips still.For the scalloped oval I was able to get a total of 15 out of one 8-1/2″ x 11″ piece of cardstock. I cut every 2-1/8″ on the 11″ side of the paper and every 2-3/4″ on the 8-1/2″ side.

I was able to get 6 layers of cardstock through the Tiny Tabs & Tags die at a time. That was quick. The Spellbinders Lacey Ovals die is only made for one sheet at a time, so that was a little bit of a pain. I also had to stop after each pass through and poke out the spots where the paper was stuck in the lacey part on the die and on my die-cut. I decided to see if the Spellbinders Lacey Ovals Die could handle two pieces of cardstock at once. My conclusion is that it’s not a good idea. While I know it is not designed for that, I still had to try! You could most likley get two pieces of paper through it, but the cardstock took too much time to pull apart and “fix” after running through two at once. Besides that, I am not sure if doing that is good for your die or your machine.

Now that I had all my die cuts ready, I put the tags aside and started stamping the lacey ovals. I browsed through my stamps and pre-picked out the ones I wanted to use. I use mostly clear stamps. I wanted to move along quickly while stamping, so as I picked them out I mounted each stamp to their own acrylic block. Obviously this is not necessary, but I happen to have a good amount of blocks, so why not use them!

After stamping all of my lacey oval die cuts, I left them for a little while to dry. Archival ink takes a little longer to dry than other inks. I had to leave them to have dinner, but normally I’d just hit it with my heating tool and move on to the next step. I attached the lacey oval die cuts to my tags with two small squares of foam mount tape (a.k.a “dimensionals” if you’re more familiar with the Stampin’ Up term). That’s it!

I hope you like these simple Valentine’s / Love themed tags! I am selling one of the sets at my Etsy shop. If you’re interested, they are $4.49 for the set of 6 tags. Click here to go to my Etsy Shop.

If you like these tags, have any questions, comments, or knowledge to lend, please comment below! I am new to crafting, so if you have a better way of doing any of the things I did in this process, I am all ears! Thanks for stoppin’ by.