Go to Blitsy NOW. Why I bought Tim Holtz’ New Book.

Ok, first click on this link, http://blitsy.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/26945/ , (yes, I get a referer bonus )
and reserve “Compendium of Curiosities II”, then finish reading the post below. (Don’t worry, Blitsy holds it in your cart for one hour so no one else can snatch it up while you finish shopping. ) After you read my post you can decide whether you want to go ahead and buy the book or just have Blitsy drop it out of your cart. I’d hate for you to read the post and go to buy it just to find out they were already “Blitsed”.
You would think that promoting Blitsy would be a bad idea for me. However, when I find good deals that I am not yet capable of offering, I get much more enjoyment out of sharing those deals than getting frustrated that I can not yet offer them.

So…if you have been waiting to buy Tim Holtz’ new Book “Compendium of Curiosities II”, now is the time! I just got an e-mail from Blitsy that it was in and I didn’t hesitate for a minute. Tim Holtz has such amazing ideas. Yeah, I know there are YouTube videos with awesome techniques up the wazoo and he is doing his new “Creative Chemistry 101” class online. BUT to me there is nothing quite like having a hard copy to be able to refer to. When I first got into stamping, inking, paper crafting (not scrapbooking, which started when I was 12), etc, the very first book I bought was “Ink Essentials” which was also put out by Ranger Industries. Of course when I found out that some of these techniques were available for free on YouTube I got a little frustrated that I just dropped about $18 on a rather skinny book. However, I was cleaning my room the other day and ran across the Ink Essentials book. I started fanning through the pages and realized that I still haven’t tried many of the techniques in this book! Besides, if you don’t know the name of the technique or that it even exists, then how would you search for it on YouTube? Hmm, tricky! lol.

Ok, now go back to Blitsy and decide for yourself if you want that book!

Paper Technique: Iris Folding

I’m gonna keep this post short n’ sweet, because quite frankly I should have been sleeping by now.

I ordered a book called ” Compendium of Cardmaking Techniques”  and received it last week. I finally got my craft room more organized and felt like I could take on a new technique from this book.

I chose to try Iris Folding. This technique uses a tiny amount of paper ( 15.5″ x 5/8″ in 4 colors, glue, something to cut and score with, a template ( I traced mine out of the book with acetate and a Sharpie ), and a ton of patience !

I found this technique to be more calming than monotonous. I do have an odd trait that allows me to be very patient if I know it is necessary to achieve the outcome I want. Otherwise, I’m extremely impatient ( I’ve left stores without buying an item before just because lines were too long).

I’m going to share my first one with you , but I’m only going to do a tutorial if I’m asked for it 🙂 . I am considering using this technique to make a cool looking pupil for an eye to use on a mixed-media project. See, the ideas are already flowing! Haha .

Here are the pics :




Let me know what you think about this technique . Old news? Cool, but you have a new spin on it ? Fun to try, but not enough patience to do multiples ?

Remember… If you want a tutorial I’ll do it, you just have to tell Me ! Thanks for stopping by .