My New Business Cards!

Front of the business card

Back of the business card
Address Labels that I tossed on at the last-minute (hehe, couldn’t help myself!)
I’m so excited for these to come, I just had to share. I actually had an order pending with that I ended up cancelling because it was taking too long (placed the order on 1/30/12 and they hadn’t even started printing yet) and I didn’t like the design that I threw together at 11:30 pm at night to use a coupon that was expiring at midnight. I am very happy with this design and I am glad that Overnight Prints let me cancel for a full refund. I knew something wasn’t right when I looked at the first ones I designed and thought “eh, I guess they’ll do for now”. I later thought “What are you doing?! You need to convey everything that you are about and that is NOT this “eh” attitude!” LOL, yes, I have a lot of dialogue in my head talking to myself. At least I’m not doing it out loud…for now 🙂