Paper Technique: Iris Folding

I’m gonna keep this post short n’ sweet, because quite frankly I should have been sleeping by now.

I ordered a book called ” Compendium of Cardmaking Techniques”  and received it last week. I finally got my craft room more organized and felt like I could take on a new technique from this book.

I chose to try Iris Folding. This technique uses a tiny amount of paper ( 15.5″ x 5/8″ in 4 colors, glue, something to cut and score with, a template ( I traced mine out of the book with acetate and a Sharpie ), and a ton of patience !

I found this technique to be more calming than monotonous. I do have an odd trait that allows me to be very patient if I know it is necessary to achieve the outcome I want. Otherwise, I’m extremely impatient ( I’ve left stores without buying an item before just because lines were too long).

I’m going to share my first one with you , but I’m only going to do a tutorial if I’m asked for it 🙂 . I am considering using this technique to make a cool looking pupil for an eye to use on a mixed-media project. See, the ideas are already flowing! Haha .

Here are the pics :




Let me know what you think about this technique . Old news? Cool, but you have a new spin on it ? Fun to try, but not enough patience to do multiples ?

Remember… If you want a tutorial I’ll do it, you just have to tell Me ! Thanks for stopping by .