Military Themed Father’s Day Card

My Dad has always been fascinated with Military stuff. You name it and he probably likes it. Tanks, Planes, Ships, Submarines, Helicopters, Machine Guns, Anti-Tank Gunners, Missiles, etc. He has never served but he has always shown an interest in all things Military. I remember him taking my sister and I to these military museums when we were little. I got to see helicopters, crawl around in tanks and move the turret, and I even saw (and heard and FELT) them fire up one of those old silver colored war planes out at Falcon Field in Arizona. I capitalize “felt” because the strong winds of the propellers chucked sand and rocks and it hurt!

Every time Father’s Day has come around in the past I have rummaged through the card aisle in the grocery store hoping and wishing I could find a cool Father’s Day card that didn’t have something to do with Fishing, Hunting, Ducks, or Sailboats. I would always end up picking the sailboat cards since that was something he likes as well. I was never excited to give him his card and it never really bothered me that much since I felt I did the best I could. I’m so happy that I got into card making, so this year I get to give him a card that he will think is cool! My dad is one-of-a-kind and that is the type of card he deserves!

Now, before you look at this card, remember I am new to all of this crafty wonderfullness. I also decided to play around with some mediums I have never tried before. I think if I had more military themed items I could have done this card a little better, but I think it’s pretty cool considering what I had to work with!

Here it is:

Can you guess which side is my Dad’s team?! LOL. The brown army men are surrendering! I had a lot of fun making this and learning new techniques along the way. For instance, I used “modeling paste” to make the mountains. I just put my finger in the jar and used a quick patting motion to put it on my chipboard that was prepped with white acrylic paint. After drying it with a heat tool, I went over it using a cosmetic sponge and some “Tea Dye Distress Ink”. I let that dry and then went over that using some “Spanish Copper Rub n’ Buff” using my finger. After I was done with the mountains I used a sponge with “Forest Moss Distress Ink” and filled in where the grass should be. I hadn’t realized until then that I did not cover all of the mountain terrain with the Tea Dye ink. I noticed because the parts that I missed were now a lighter green color. That is just how the Forest Moss reacted with the modeling paste. I figure that was a technique that I unintentionally learned! Luckily, the effect that happened is something I can live with and I think it gives it even more character 🙂

I will be posting a video about this card either later today or tomorrow. I talk about how I made the stream and the rest of the card. F.Y.I. – The army men you see here were from the Dollar Tree and they came in a big pack. I just carefully nipped off the platforms under their feet using my Tonic Studios scissors (LOVE those scissors by the way!).

I hope you like this card and it gives you an idea of what type of card you might want to make for your Dad. I know if I had used a paper pad or done something more traditional it may have looked a little better, but my only focus on this card is to have my Dad open it, smile, and say “Cool!”.

Thanks for stopping by !