Shabby Chic Room Laser Cuts

Shabby Chic Room Laser Cuts

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share some more laser cuts that are posted for sale. These are made of MDF wood and they are 1/8″ thick. The wood means that there will be no more black char to deal with or worry about ruining a light colored project. I plan on making more shabby chic type cuts pretty soon. I hope you like them! Want to buy? Just click the picture and it will take you to E-Bay!

Desert Landscape Encaustic Wax Painting


Here is my second encaustic wax painting. It was inspired by the desert landscape that I spent part of my day in yesterday. I can’t wait to get my encaustic iron so I can do better paintings. These two that I have done were made using the small Purple Cows “Melt It” iron. It really is a lot of fun to play with regardless of how my paintings come out (lol).

My First Encaustic Wax Painting


So , here’s my first try at encauatics . I had my fiance guess what it was and he said “jellyfish” . Technically that’s not what I was going for, but hey, its abstract and can be whatever the viewer wants ! That’s my opinion anyways ;-). Hope your ready to see more encaustic paintings soon!